ɑːkarʌn | boundless,  never ending, a non periphery , endless , infinite. The word originates from the Persian “bikaran”

Ákaran Architects is a young architectural practice based in Tehran. The studio was established in 2007 by a small group young designers and architects aspiring to create and take part in extraordinary experiences. The practice provides a range of services including full master planning, architecture, landscape and interior design. Working strong as a team of multidisciplinary professionals, every project at Akaran is tailor made to the needs of its client, fully responsive to its site and context. Our philosophy is that it is not a signature style in architecture that matters; it is rather the essence of the created space and the continuation of an intriguing spatial dialogue with the environmental, social and cultural context. We see architecture as an extension of life, of the everyday and of the individual and collective experience of space. The contemporary field and flux of architecture in Iran stands at a critical point. In a conscious effort to modernize itself, it seems that Iranian architecture has neglected a great deal of its extremely rich past. Having been left with an immensely valuable cultural heritage, at Akaran we believe that along working with a global standard each project should articulate the relationship between its form with the aimed function and the individuals using it; this can only be achieved through a strong and rich underlying narrative. Each project is conceived through an ongoing team collaboration from conceptualization to actualization. We like our architecture to be molded through artistic thinking together with rational problem solving so that we have merged the essence of aesthetics with issues such as sustainability, long term impact and immaculate craftsmanship. We design with a passion, for more beautiful buildings, more desirable and prosperous spaces for our clients and users, and ultimately for a better future for our cities.