Sadra Private Retreat

The main entrance to the site will be kept at the same location of the existing entrance. Only in the future a more inviting and remarkable design will be envisioned for the entrance which will be the signature to the site. The four villas will all be located at the southern section of the site where topography reaches its highest and therefore has the best views over the landscape. All villas will be positioned on a North-South axis for better sunlight. The threshold between the Villas and the central core of the site (private vs. Public) will be planted with a row of tall Tabrizi trees famous for their overwhelming beauty, purity and symbolizing power and resistance. 55 The southern part of the site, home to the villas has been designed according to Persian Garden principles where boundaries have been drawn using axes of water, and harmony has been arrived at by designing and positioning the elements on the landscape symmetrically. This has provided each villa with a defined private threshold and secure surroundings. The central core (zone) of the site has given space to shared activities, parties, reunions etc. here the landscape is divided into various gardens, alcoves and shelters, an events hall and outdoor seating and gathering areas. From the central core to the northern zone, the pedestrian and the horse riding route run along each other and loop through the existing trees on the site. Most trees on at the north of the site will be left untouched while some at the south section will have to be relocated. This will not exceed a total number of 350. Approximately 150 trees have been planted at the location of the sports hall and therefore it is only inevitable to relocate them. About another 200 will overlap with pedestrian routes, lakes and gardens which will also be relocated. The proposal also considers a green wall of Platanus or Tabrizi Trees all around the site.

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