Blacksmith’s Bazaar

  • Blacksmith's Bazaar

Clients: The Municipality of Tehran+ The National and Cultural Heritage Organization+The International Tourism Committee+The owners of shops in the Bazaar

The design for the blacksmiths’ market has been part of the many regeneration projects in this area such as the main lane of the Grand bazaar¬†. The spine of the market cuts through 15 Khordad Avenue and therefore is divided into two sections. Considering that historically the blacksmiths’ bazaar has always been homogeneous with the ancient Oudlajan area and its vicinity, therefore they should all follow the same dialogue to articulate¬†their aesthetics and function using the same vocabulary. The Persian arch has been used in the design proposal to better link the bazaar to Oudlajan.

Regenerating the market involves detail design of the outer wall, flooring and ceiling each consisting of many different layers to provide for structure, utility pipes as well as maintaining an architectural essence.



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